MEERI ( was established in 1986 in Krakow as a constituent unit of the PAS. The Institute employs 101 persons. The organisation's main research areas include Polish mineral resources, development of information systems for the purpose of forecasting development, fuels and energy economics, industrial and municipal waste management, sustainable development of Polish regions. Within these areas, the scientific activities of the Institute are as follow: assessment of efficiency and profitability of new investments in the mineral resources economy and waste management; assessment of the possibilities and economics of unconventional energy sources use; municipal waste management, analysis of risk in geotechnical projects concerning the underground storage of hazardous waste; legal and economic aspects of industrial waste storage in exhausted mine sites. The Institute take part in many EU projects, e.g. FP6 – CO2SINK, i-GET, GTR-H, EUGEOCAPACITY, NEEDS, CO2ReMoVe, FP7 - LAGUNA as well INTERREG project, i.e. EWM, Sigma for Water, RAMEA, E-mob, TIMBER and acts as an advisor to the government on the issues of policy relating to licensing, concessions, privatisation process and the environment. Dr Joanna Kulczycka – Head of Department of Strategic Research - is assistant professor at the MEERI. In 1988 she graduated from the Faculty of Production at the Cracow Academy of Economics (specialisation: international trade), in 1998 she received her Doctorate in Economic Sciences (specialisation: management). She has authored of over 70 publications including the annual edition of Minerals Yearbook of Poland, 1st book about LCA in Polish book on copper management on international market, and many scientific research articles. She is experienced in realizing EUFP – she is an authorized person for LICYMIN and LIFETIME, and a sub-contractor for CLOTADAM project, Interreg projects - involved in European Waste Management, RAMEA, E-mob, etc., and she has experience in coordination of few projects realized in Poland within Structural Funds.

MEERI and Raw Materials

Besides PCRec project, MEERI participates in other EIT KIC RM projects, in particular:

  • RefresCO – Refresher Courses (Lifelong Education)
  • STORM - Industrial Symbiosis for the Sustainable Management of Raw Materials (Network of Infrastructure)

CONTACT : Joanna Kulczycka

PHONE: +48 12 632 22 45