The Center for the Cooperation of the Recycling – not for profit system Ltd. serves as the Coordinator of the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster (WMRC). The function of the Coordinator of the Cluster has been entrusted in August 2013. Main business scope of the company as a coordinator include:

  • building and developing a network of cooperative relations among current and potential cluster partners and the network of stakeholders;
  • facilitating cluster partners, their agents and employees with access to the latest achievements of science, technology and the exchange of experiences; 
  • creating new and improving existing services and products to raise the level of competitiveness of the partners of the cluster, including strengthening the "value chain"; 
  • coordinating the cooperation and initiatives and projects on the development of the idea of "sustainable development" and corporate social responsibility; 
  • promoting cluster’s activities in the country and abroad through the website, trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, trade missions, etc.; 
  • cluster administrative and financial support.

The Waste Management and Recycling Cluster is formed by businesses, research and development units, business support institutions, consulting companies and foundations dedicated to environmental education. The core of the cluster are companies engaged in collection, disposal, processing, recycling and transport of all types of industrial waste. The main specialty of the majority of these companies is processing of used electrical and electronic equipment such as: cathode ray tubes and glass from the dismantled ones, worn cables, worn out computer and telecommunication equipment, used light sources, consumer electronics and home appliances from all over the country.

The Cluster also includes a manufacturing company from the outside of the waste sector, dealing with the design and manufacturing as well as with emptying of the refrigerant and dismantling of refrigeration equipment. Also a company dealing with designing and manufacturing of equipment, constructions and metal containers is a cluster partner. The cluster also includes two prestigious research institutes conducting comprehensive scientific research concerning widely understood mineral resources management - from obtaining resources to waste management and environmental protection, including waste management and their use as alternative energy sources.

CONTACT : Jolanta Okońska Kubica
PHONE: +48 81 748 52 50