Several excellent research groups are present at European level in the field of raw materials recycling from end of life Hi tech products. The PCRec partners have long term experience along the raw materials recycling value chain. This high quality expertise is frequently associated to a high level of specialization which implies impossibility to cover all aspects of the recycling value chain for different complex matrices. For this reason, the main idea of this proposal is to organize and integrate relevant existing competences, infrastructures, knowledge and experience, in order to strengthen the overall capacity to respond to the present and upcoming innovation needs and improve the exploitation of European secondary resources from Hi tech EoL products.

Besides addressing the priority needs of SMEs in the WEEE sector in terms of sustainable and ready to market technology solutions along the whole recycling value chain, this initiative is also inspired by the following necessities:

  • to integrate outcomes from different funded projects in the recycling field
  • to avoid duplication
  • to fill the possible gaps

Furthermore, PCRec NoI is conceived as a response to the present necessity to overcome the limited capacity of any single research groups to face SME’s complex innovation needs and to maximize synergetic collaboration between research infrastructures and enterprises

Jul 20, 2016 12:00 PM